18th of February, new products and a freebie

Have you lost a pet? As part of the grieving process it might help you to scrap about it. This kit was inspired by and named after the well known story/poem “Rainbow Bridge”. The colours are bright and happy to remember the good days with your friend and to remind you that your beloved pet is now at a happy place.

Rainbow Bridge

From February 18th until February 24th buy this kit and receive 4 quickpages created by the fantastic NeeNee for free! That is a value of $10.99 for $5.99 only!

Rainbow Bridge Quickpages

Of course the quickpages are sold individually also.

Rainbow Bridge Frame Clusters:

Rainbow Bridge Glitter

Rainbow Bridge Alpha

This alphabet is included in the kit!

Rainbow Bridge Collection

Buy the whole collection and save 20%!
included are:

  • Rainbow Bridge Kit (which includes the alpha)
  • Rainbow Bridge Clustered Frames
  • Rainbow Bridge Glitter
  • Rainbow Bridge Quickpages, created by the fantastic NeeNee
  • And to top it all of I have a nice freebie for you: Another gorgeous quickpage created by NeeNee!

    download here


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