Here is a little tip for you I came upon practising my hand lettering. I have meant to brush up on my hand lettering for a while and yesterday I finally did. I had printed out the Tombow lettering practice worksheets for the Dual Brush Pens, found my tracing paper pad and off I went. They recommend to practice on either very smooth printing paper or tracking/marker paper to save your dual brush pens.

After I had done a few practice runs, I realised I was waisting quite a bit of paper using the printed sheets underneath my tracing paper. The worksheets have a big header and white space on the bottom. So I decided to cut them off!


Now there is more space and it adds two rows of letter practising! Quite neat, huh?

Here is a look at some of my practice sheets, there are lots and lots more. And there are more and lots more to come because this is the only way you create muscle memory and this is the only way to get better 😉

Do you practise hand lettering? How are you going? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy lettering!