I love letters

I love letters, I really do and I also think my own handwriting isn’t that bad. But when it came to journaling on my mixed media art… shudder… YUCK! I am always afraid to write something on my art pieces in fear it will ruin the entire piece. Going through my pinterest boards, I re discovered a piece by Joanne Sharpe, that I had pinned a long while ago. I visited her blog, found her Letterlove 101 class and signed up. Let me tell you, it is fun and helpful. Am I perfect? No way! But I am getting better and more confident – it is all about practice, practice, practice, repeat, repeat,… you get the gist ;) I haven’t finished the course yet, but thought, I would show you some of my pieces; They very much focus on the letters and writing, so not a lot of layering, etc., that will come eventually. However, the artwork is not “naked”, there is lots of colour to enhance the journaling. Materials used: Pitt Artist Pens black (S, F, M, B), Artline (0.1-0.8mm), Artline200, uniball white, Copic Markers, Faber Castel Watercolour Pencils and Pan Pastels.

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