My first She Art canvas

Last night I finished my first She Art canvas from the Christy Tomlinson workshop. Seriously? It is SO MUCH fun! I am loving the whole process, playing with textures, colours, stamps and rubons. It really unleashed a completely different side of my creativity. Usually I keep my designs clean and simple but now I know I can do messy, too lol. Now… I don’t think my first canvas is perfect, I made some mistakes but… this is my first (of many to come for sure!) and I am learning but I had heaps of fun creating it and I now know what I need to do next time. It did turn out differently to what I wanted but I still love it!

I have made a few photos of the process, some of them are a bit blurry; I had to get up on a chair to photograph them and it was a bit wobbly ;)

The tissue paper I used here is by 7gypsies, I simply had to have the key pattern!

I got also creative when it came to creating my own textures and stamps. The rolling pin and skid protectors I bought at a 2$ store. The round protectors I cut in half before I glued them onto the rolling pin. There is another rolling pin where I mod podged on some thin rope to it. I haven’t tried it yet because it needed to dry and I simply couldn’t wait to get back to my canvases, tehee.

Added some paint, stamped some bubble wrap and stenciled with… gutter protection

The other canvas I started. I started with mod podging some old book pages to the canvas.

A few close ups to see the texture and details:

And here she is, finished and in all glory:

Hope you like!

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